Make Your Own Picture Frame

Make Your Own Picture Frame

There are different reasons why you should make your own picture frame. If you have lots of pictures that you want to preserve and have it displayed in your home, the best thing to do is to use your creativity in making a picture frame. It is also ideal especially if you have odd-shaped photos that would not fit in standard frames. Likewise, it can also save you money from buying expensive frames. The advantage of making your own picture frame is that you can create great frames that would match to any décor.


Sources of Molding


Generally, picture frames are made of different materials. The picture frame molding is one of the important materials needed in creating your own picture frame. On the other hand, you can also use other piece of molding provided that you will add extra narrower piece at the back forming the recess. If it is your first time to make your own picture frame, then it is ideal to buy a whole length of molding to avoid miscalculations.


Making the Frame


Before making the frame make sure that you know where to start. As much as possible you have ideas and know the step-by-step process so that you can avoid mistakes especially in cutting the frame. Make sure that when you cut the molding it should take shape. Measure the photo or the artwork ensuring that it will fit into the recess. Likewise, to prevent any fall out of the artwork see to it that the frame opening is half an inch smaller as compared to the artwork.


Aside from accurate cutting of the frame, another step in making your own picture frame is the gluing or attaching the different sections of the molding. You should use a clamp to ensure that each section will stay securely in place in order to obtain good joint and would not warp. Wipe off the excess glue so that it will not be messy.


The next step is the finishing, and you can employ either staining or painting. However, it is ideal to stain prior of assembling the pieces. On the other hand, you can paint it after the assembly. Painting is easier to do, and you can avoid mistakes. In case of any gap in the joints, you should use wood filler and not wood putty.


Finally, the last step is the assembling of the picture frame. If you will use glass, make sure to set it securely into the recess before putting the artwork. You can also fasten a piece of cardboard behind the artwork so that it will stay securely. Indeed, creating a picture frame can be fun and a creative activity as long as you know the right process. In the same manner, make sure to use the appropriate tools.


Therefore, if you are planning to make your own picture frame, the first thing to do is to gather all the needed materials. You should determine the type of frame that you will use, and the possible enhancements that you can make.

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